Historical Markers


Port Arthur Historical Markers

NOTE: Sabine Pass Markers in a separate map below.

Map Pin 1) Early Oil Tanker Service, on State Hwy. 87, 1.4 miles south of State Hwy. 82, on the left when traveling south. Erected in 1968.

Map Pin 2) The Port Arthur Refinery, State Hwy. 87, .6 miles south of Hwy. 82, on the right when traveling south. Erected in 2001.

Map Pin 3) Rainbow Bridge, Gulfway Drive on the right when traveling east. Erected in 1990.

Map Pin 4) Kansas City Southern Railway, 401 Houston Ave. Erected in 2009.

Map Pin 5) The Woodworth House (Rose Hill), 100 Woodworth Ave. Erected in 1978.

Map Pin 6) Port Arthur-Beaumont Interurban Railway, Austin Ave. east of Procter Street, on the left when traveling east. Erected in 2002.

Map Pin 7) South County Office Building, 525 Lakeshore Drive. Erected in 1989.

Map Pin 8) Frances John (Frank) Trost, on Procter Street south of Shreveport Ave., on the right when traveling south. Erected in 2002.

Map Pin 9) Vuylsteke House, 1831 Lakeshore Drive. Erected in 1996.

Map Pin 10) Port Arthur College, Procter Street south of Stilwell Blvd. Erected in 2008.

Map Pin 11) Gates Memorial Library, 317 Stilwell Blvd. Erected in 1981.

Map Pin 12)  Pompeiian Villa, 1953 Lakeshore Drive, south of Bledsoe Place, on the right when traveling south. Erected in 1973.

Map Pin 13) Federated Women’s Clubs, 1924 Lakeshore Drive. Erected in 1981

Map Pin 14) John Warne Gates, Bledsoe Place, 0.2 miles west of Lakeshore Drive. Erected in 2001.

Map Pin 15) Sparks Settlement Cemetery, DeQueen Blvd. near Lakeshore Drive, in the median. Located in 1989.

Map Pin 16) First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), 5856 Ninth Avenue. Erected in 1992.

Map Pin 17) Sabine-Neches Canal, intersection of Lakeshore Drive and Woodworth Blvd. Erected in 2007.

Map Pin 18) The Hughen School, 2849 Ninth Ave. Erected in 2010.

Map Pin 19) Harry Henry Choates, intersection of Ninth Ave. and 25th Erected in 2007.

Map Pin 20) Birthplace of Babe Didrikson Zaharias, 2232 Seventh Street. Erected in 1979.

Map Pin 21) Community Retirement Home, 3141 Procter Street. Erected in 2012.

Map Pin 22) Janis Lyn Joplin, 4330 32nd Erected in 2007.

Map Pin 23) Lakeshore/Lions Park, Procter Street near Nashville Ave., on the right when traveling east. Erected in 1991.

Map Pin 24) Israel Chapel African Methodist Episcopal, 948 Texas Ave. Erected in 1993.

Map Pin 25) Rock Island Baptist Church, Rev. Raymond Scott Ave. off 11th Erected in 2011.

Map Pin 26) Trinity Lutheran Church, St. Augustine near Procter Street, on the right. Erected in 1999.

Map Pin 27) Arthur Stilwell, 1300 Procter Street. Erected in 1994.

Map Pin 28) Site of Old Aurora, intersection of Woodworth Blvd. and Procter Street, in the median on Woodworth. Erected in 1966.

Map Pin 29) Ruby Ruth Fuller Building, 1500 Lakeshore Drive. Erected in 2009.

Map Pin 30) St. Paul Methodist Church, 821 Freeman Ave. Erected in 2017.

Map Pin 31) Texas Company Refinery – Port Arthur Works, Savannah Avenue at 25th Street.

Map Pin 32) Eddingston Court, 3300 Procter Street.

Map Pin 33) Morris-Booze-White House (White Haven), 2545 Lakeshore Drive.

Map Pin 34) New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, 549 West Gulfway Drive.

Map Pin 35) Port Arthur College Radio Tower, 1500 Procter Street, located behind Madison Monroe Educational Building between Procter and Lakeshore.

Map Pin 36) U.S. Post Office and Federal Building, 500 Austin Ave.

Sabine Pass Area Historical Markers

Map Pin 1) Beach Road, 5300 South Gulfway Drive.

Map Pin 2) Sabine Pass Cemetery, 5100 Cemetery Road. Features the burial places for Niles Smith, Benjamin Johnson, Jacob Harmon Garner, and Kate Dorman. Located one mile west of Sabine Pass, left off State Highway 87.

Map Pin 3) City of Sabine and Sabine Pass, Lion’s Park, Broadway Street at 7th Avenue. Located here are markers for the City of Sabine and Sabine Pass, 1886 Hurricane at Sabine Pass, Spaight’s 11th Battalion, and Fort Sabine.

Map Pin 4) Sabine Pass Battleground, 19335 State Highway 87. Located here: Spanish-American War Fortifications, Fort Manhassett, World War II Coastal Defenses at Sabine Pass, United State Forces at the Battle of Sabine Pass, Federal Fatalities at the Battle of Sabine Pass, USS Clifton Walking Beam, Capture of the USS Morning Light and USS Velocity, Site of Fort Griffin, Richard (Dick) Dowling Statue, Union Casualties at the Battle of Sabine Pass, and Commodore Leon Smith.