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Pioneers & Historymakers


generations of port arthurans leave their marks

standing above the crowd

People who have made history in Port Arthur have done so  through their actions and contributions which have had a significant impact on the lives of others. They are leaders, activists, educators, entertainers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and volunteers. They have dedicated themselves to making positive changes in Port Arthur and neighboring areas. Some have garnered national attention. Others are known best right here, in church, in the classroom, or in a family-run business.

Through the efforts of many of these cherished residents, there have been grassroots movements or the creation of organizations that address specific issues facing their community, such as poverty, inequality, or environmental concerns. They have improved access to education, healthcare, or other essential services. Others make history creativity and innovation. They may be artists, writers, musicians, or inventors who introduce new ideas, perspectives, and ways of thinking that inspire and uplift others.

We owe each of these people a debt of gratitude for their contribution to the greatness that is Port Arthur. They have a vision for a better future and are willing to take action to make that vision a reality. They are often selfless, courageous, and persistent, and they inspire others to join them in their efforts to create positive change.

We honor many of them here, while the Museum of the Gulf Coast honors many others at its website.

If you know of someone who is a pioneer or history-maker from Port Arthur who deserves to be recognized here, in our 125th year celebration, please send details using the contact for on this page. 

Nominate a Notable Person

Nominating procedures and criteria coming soon

The Quasquicentennial Pioneers and Historymakers section is a work in progress. There are many, many people who have impacted the city of Port Arthur and its people. That’s why we are planning to offer an opportunity to nominate someone you think deserves recognition. Watch for a form in this space that you can fill out to notify us of a deserving candidate. The form and information on nominating procedures and criteria are coming soon.